Is There a Meaning to Pain?

Some of you may have already seen this, but I want to share it with my blog subscribers as well:

Somewhere between August and October 2010, I stepped off the tracks of “normal, everyday life” into the no-man’s land of chronic pain, then depression. At age 22, I started feeling a sharp, niggling pain in my left ankle every time I walked. After some months of unsuccessful treatment and fed by my own fears and anxieties, the pain gradually expanded into a black hole of existential despair that sucked away my hope and zest for life.

It sounds melodramatic. But anyone who has been in the throes of unrelenting physical pain knows the hard truth: Pain eats away at your personhood.

Read the full piece on the her.meneutics site.


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  1. Belle
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 04:12:12

    I read your article in Christianity Today. Twenty years ago I got fibromyalgia. Of course I wasn’t diagnosed for the first year or two. My swelling legs, joint pain and exhaustion were a big question mark. Later, when I knew what was wrong, I went to a natureopath and she told me about food sensitivities and allergies. Wheat was one of the main culprits along with chocolate, citrus and spicy foods. Through the years God has shown me why I am sick.

    I don’t think life is predictable in any way except that God is with us whatever comes. My husband has had a rare form of cancer for over 20 years (carcinoid syndrome) and my grandson died a year and a half ago. I believe God allowed my grandson to die for a good reason and I believe I will see him again in heaven. Why my husband and I got sick I don’t know but I think it is just because we live in a world of disease and sin and our bodies eventually broke down. We are 61 and 62 now.

    As you get older, you realize nothing is sure and we don’t have control over much, but having God with you through all the troubles and pain is well worth the wait until we finally living with him in heaven. God bless, and I was glad to read you are feeling better.


    • Liuan
      Jan 16, 2013 @ 13:17:21

      Hi Belle, Thank you for sharing your story. I totally agree with what you said, that nothing is sure but God is with us whatever comes, though before being in pain I might have said it in my mind but still in my heart somehow believed that I had control. Having your body fall apart through pain and disease kinda strips you of that illusion.


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